The Global Village Square
The Global Village Square

Welcome to The Global Village Square

For Digital Media Literacy

About the Global Village Square

For many years, those of us at the McLuhan Foundation often heard that the media literacy community was in need of a central hub or space where organizations and individuals could share news and information about what they are doing in the field. The Global Village Square (GVS) has been set up for this purpose. 

The name of the platform comes from McLuhan’s prediction that technology and the Internet would connect individuals and communities around the world and result in the creation of a “global village”.  So, we invite you to the Global Village Square for media literacy--a space where we can “meet” and share our resources, best practices, news about events and educational opportunities, and critical perspectives on digital media and technology.

The McLuhan Foundation is committed to digital media literacy and recognizes that we will all benefit from knowing what is happening in the field and what others are doing.  At the moment and for the foreseeable future, the use of the platform is by invitation only, so you can be confident that you are sharing only with like-minded people and organizations involved in media literacy.

Please Join Us

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We look forward to “seeing” you in the Global Village Square!